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     Green Manufacturing

     The mission of Xinhe BioChem determines that Xinhe people voluntarily bear the social responsibility of green manufacturing. In order to prove this strong will, we have re-registered a new trademark with a blue top and a green bottom of the DNA double helix, which shows our solemn commitment to society ---- green, healthy and sustainable. Our team of decision-makers and engineers thus integrate the concept, technology and products of green energy, ultra-low discharge, energy saving and reducing consumption into the whole process of bio-manufacturing, presenting green-tech made products to a harmonious ecological environment.

     Quality Assurance

     Twenty years ago, we put forward the slogan of "quality is our blood, user is our life" and regarded it as the basis of formulating our ISO quality system. Quality management becomes the core of building our enterprise culture, and the concept of pursuing excellent quality transforms to the common belief of Xinhe people. This cultural gene is embedded into the thinking of each member of our team.

     It is with this spirit that we get more and more scientific understanding of both general and special performance for each product, and a more and more accurate understanding between the product performance and its field application.

     Furthermore, we are more concerned about the stability and consistency of each performance index, on the basis of pursuing high-level quality standard.

     R&D and Intellectual Property Protection

     Science and technology makes progress each day. Meanwhile, users’ needs are ever-changing.

     Like all excellent enterprises, the innovation of Xinhe BioChem is to achieve breakthroughs from "0" to "1", and accumulate from "1" to "100" in such a big environment. Fortunately, from production tech to application tech, from energy to resources, from food additive to personal care, we have cultivated our own scientific and tech fruits, with the help of which our domestic and foreign users have created more values. It is particularly worth pointing out that, our R&D team found a new sphingosine bacteria strain, the metabolic product of which is above-mentioned 8th kind of microbial polysaccharide – a new substance that we call Sanxan Gum. Then we spent over ten years to realize the industrial production of Sanxan Gum. It got the approval from China National Health Commission. This original technology is protected by both Chinese and US patent. With no doubt, this tree and the whole science and tech forest of Xinhe BioChem, will continue to bear more fruits and to inject vitality into new quality productivity of our enterprise and our related industries.

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